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The real estate industry, like many others, has not been slow to appreciate the benefits of cloud computing. Cloud computing makes a pool of computing resources, including hardware, software, networks, and storage, available on demand without the need of making major capital investments. The cloud makes it easy to achieve business goals such as high availability, redundancy, flexibility, and agility. At the same time, attaining these objectives is not painless or thought-free, especially when it comes time to consider information security. Care must be taken when trusting an outside contractor with your sensitive data, no matter if that contractor is a household name. While the real estate industry has various software providers that have committed to information security best practices, there are still many individuals promoting the use of, or integration with, “consumer-grade” cloud computing software; such software must be approached with special caution in terms of information security.

Other industries that, like our industry, handle personal and financial data, have issued specific information security rules and guidance for the use of cloud computing. These rules and guidance are used to examine companies for certification, either as cloud computing “software as a service” (SaaS) consumers or as the cloud computing infrastructure providers on which the software is hosted. While the real estate industry has thus far escaped similar scrutiny, adhering to the higher standards these rules and guidance provide will not just mean a better state of computer security or a lesser degree of liability in the event of a breach, but also a move toward compliance with potential future regulation and certification requirements in our own industry.

Real Estate Professionals Manage Sensitive Information

The information gathered and handled by real estate professionals contains many pieces of PII: “personally identifying information.” This may include everything from driver’s license numbers to credit scores to Social Security numbers in real estate files, as well as copies of checks. Images of checks are so sensitive that, if one or more client or transaction files were lost, stolen, or accessed by an unauthorized individual, one would be obligated to follow any or all relevant breach notification laws, which can be devastating for the reputation of one’s business.

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