Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery


Security breaches and system outages have become more common. So much that companies must provide solid evidence of an overall availability strategy to auditors, insurers, owners, and other invested parties.

Here are four tips to prove your business continuity to constituents:

  1. Have the Resources to Maintain Systems Availability

Without the technology and infrastructure to maintain continuous systems availability for employees and customers. If you ever need to recover your systems, a lack of resources will most certainly result in a slow return to service.

  1. Get Creative with Security Measures

Most DR environments that are managed in-house tend to be out-of-date due to budgets and view business continuity as something less important. The challenge is that whether a business is using its recovery environment at that moment or not. This is why security for your recovery environment is paramount.

  1. All Parties Testing

It’s not enough to have copies of your data at a secondary site. You need to test your DR plan to make sure you will be able to failover and return your systems to service within a given timeframe.

  1. Increase Overall Visibility

Sometimes, what’s most needed is transparency. This points to an increased need for dialogue between departments and roles about the true status and capabilities of business continuity strategies for IT systems.