CloudTech1 University is an educational organization whose purpose is to bring together all stakeholders who may benefit from the cloud, or as-a-service technological service model, and offer to them the content necessary for them to make informed decisions about its architecture, implementation, features, business uses and benefits. Businesses, individuals, and industry advocates meet together, at least monthly, at our Rochester Hills classroom facilities to learn, share ideas, and collaborate.
Cloudtech1 University’s Showcase is a professionally valuable event with a twist of fun. Not only will business decision makers have the benefit of testing out the newest and hottest products and services on the market, they will also have the opportunity to engage in high-quality networking, eat some great food and win some prizes. The monthly event is held at the Cloudtech1 Education Center and the content always revolves around the newest and most beneficial information to and from our partners.
Cloudtech1 University has access to thousands of webinars-in-a-box to provide education on any IT subject matter. Live webinars give Cloudtech1 University up-to-the-moment live sessions available right from our education center delivered to the comfort of your home. Get your questions answered immediately with our interactive webinars or just sit back and take in the knowledge.
It is so easy to get lost in the depth, mobility, and moving parts of the cloud. Why not have Cloudtech1 come to you? As an architect analyzes the pieces of your company they are able to develop the most efficient strategy for migration to the cloud. It is convenient because the assessment speaks directly to the uniqueness of your business and communication.
Not ready for the cloud, but still need communication and connectivity improvements? An IT Assessment breaks down your network and shows the business decision maker where they can save money by utilizing fluid vendor management.
Be molded by the best with our brand new Internship Program. This great opportunity is dedicated to professionals fresh in the market or still in school and need to build a portfolio. Whether you are utilizing creativity in the graphic and web design realm or your charm in the sales and marketing…Cloudtech1 University needs talent to join us so we can continue our passion in education.
Sometimes the business decision makers already have their talent in place. That’s terrific. They still may be limited to the software and hardware implemented in the company making it difficult to maximize the true potential of the company. The hidden challenges in new software and hardware isn’t the products themselves but the time consuming training. Cloudtech1 University can educate your team!
The owner of Cloudtech1 University has great pride in his networking. Rightfully so. He has a solution for all things, and if he doesn’t have the answers personally he knows where to time them. Melding of the minds the grow together is what has made Rick, his partners, and his team so successful. Trust is everything to Cloudtech1 and Cloudtech1 University. The positive community continues to grow. We invite you to come along on the journey.